Boosting vocabulary and language linked to provision

EYFS mini course

This is a mini course designed specifically for EYFS colleagues with a focus on:

Books, language. vocabulary linked to provision:

  • How can books support the development of vocabulary & language linked to provision?
  • How can books linked to provision support sustained play and help to achieve higher quality play?
  • How can books support adults to model a wider range of language? How can books support adult creativity that will lead to better support for pupils' play and learning in provision?
  • How can books be combined, e.g. fiction & nonfiction, multiple books on the same topic, linked to images / video / artefacts / trips & visits.
  • How can books enable adults to introduce more challenge?
  • What type of activities might be combined with books to provide maximum impact?
  • How can adults develop vocabulary linked to provision?
  • How might books help adults with modelling play in areas of provision?

The course comprises of a series of videos that can be watched by the EYFS leader / shared as part of twilight training sessions in school for the EYFS team. Watch the clips individually or display on a large screen. Accompanying resources can be printed to aid professional discussion and joint planning. Pause the video clips often to think and discuss points.

There are case studies on how books, vocabulary and language development can be linked to : small and large construction, vehicles and transport, the kitchen and home corner, vets and pets, animal homes, utilising instruction texts. However, the principles can be applies to any areas of provision.

The EYFS leader can choose how many of the videos are watched as part of training sessions and the sessions can be spread out across the year, providing opportunities for teachers to return to key professional development learning points.

If you would like everyone in your EYFS team to have individual access to the course, get in touch with us for discounted group rates.

Increase the level of vocabulary challenge. Gain ideas for interventions. Utilise the approach with any area of provision.

Video tutorials help teachers and adults working in EYFS to build knowledge and consider how theory can be turned into practice.

Consider the role knowledge plays in developing sustained play in a role play area. How can the strategy be applied to other role play areas?

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Your Instructor

Victoria Crane
Victoria Crane

Vicky has over 20 years of teaching and leadership experience. She currently works as a consultant and trainer in the UK supporting primary school teachers and leaders. She delivers face-to-face courses, bespoke support in school and online courses with teachable. The extension to online courses means that more teachers and leaders can benefit from her expertise and experience. "Vicky is a fantastic trainer - very inspirational and knowledgeable." "Exceeded expectation and excited to share with school staff." "Useful resources and excellent activities that I have been able to use in twilight training sessions in school. Really enjoyed the training. Vicky is a generous and engaging course leader." "Great illustrations of how to really embed learning." Vicky understands how busy teachers are and designs courses that are very practical. She also understands the demands of being a leader and ensures courses enable best practice to be shared in school.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course is available now and It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish. The course is divided into clear segments so that you can break your study into manageable chunks of time.
How long do I have access to the course?
After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course - across any and all devices you own. Access to the course is for at least one year - but our intention is for the course to be available well beyond this time so that teachers can revisit the training materials and classroom resources again and again! We hope that it will be an invaluable resource and reference bank for teachers. There are no additional costs for continued access to the course.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us. We aim for all our courses to be practical, useful and of high quality. We appreciate any feedback on our products and if you find the course is not right for you we will aim to refund your purchase. Please contact us within 30 days of purchase.
Who is the course aimed at?
Although the course is aimed at UK teachers, educators from other countries will also find the course very valuable.
Does the course cover the teaching of phonics?
No. This course focuses on supporting pupils to develop vocabulary, language, knowledge, comprehension skills and play.
Is the course suitable for teaching assistants?
Teaching assistants would find the materials very helpful in supporting individual pupils or to support their delivery of interventions. It may be useful to pair teaching assistants with a teacher or with another teaching assistant : 'a study buddy'.
Would the course be suitable for parents?
The course is aimed at classroom teachers and adults supporting teaching. Whilst not directly aimed at parents, I am sure that many parents would find the course very interesting. If parents intend to home tutor their children and wish to spend time at home helping their child to develop vocabulary, language, knowledge, learning, play - then they may find this a useful course for developing their expertise in EYFS provision.
Can I share resources in school?
If you are a teacher enrolled in the course, we allow you to share the ideas and copies of downloadable materials with other colleagues who work in the same school. We really want our courses to make a difference to the lives of children and we appreciate that working in partnership with other teachers is more likely to achieve this goal. Video clips can be displayed for teachers to watch and discuss in training sessions IN THE SAME SCHOOl. Schools can also PURCHASE ADDITIONAL LOGIN user names and passwords at discounted prices. It is NOT permitted to share the resources beyond the school (by any means) or to allow other teachers to do so. Instead, please recommend that colleagues beyond the school purchase the course - as without revenue we can not continue to grow and develop the courses on offer. WHEN PURCHASING MULTIPLE LOGINS FOR THE SAME SCHOOL, REQUEST AN INVOICE FROM [email protected]
Can I edit resources?
Some resources are only offered in PDF format. There is a blank word template of the planning file.
Different ways to pay
You can purchase the course on this site. Alternatively, you can email [email protected] and request an invoice. Give the name and address of the school, the contact details of the school business manager and the number of logins required. There are excellent discounts on multiple logins for the same school.
Terms of use
Please note that logins ARE NOT TRANSFERABLE between people. Please do not share your login details with others - please contact us instead for details on multiple logins. We offer excellent discounts for colleagues operating in the same school.
Can I pay by invoice
Schools in the UK can pay via invoice. Please email [email protected] for details.

We hope that you thoroughly enjoy the course and that the children you work with benefit from your investment in training.

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