Progression in information texts

Progression in writing for primary teachers


This course is one of a series of courses that focuses on non fiction writing. This course examines INFORMATION TEXTS (sometimes referred to as nonchronological reports) and also touches on creating explanation texts. The course is divided into clear sections: An introductory element for all colleagues and then sections for EYFS, KS1, LKS2, UKS2. The course is designed to stimulate professional discussion and debate. The course is designed to provide a strategy for pupils to make progress in writing information texts from EYFS to greater depth at the end of Year 6.

The course provides video based professional development tutorials, advice and guidance, classroom resources, checklists and booklets. The course is primarily aimed at PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT and includes additional resources to aid implementation and act as a catalyst for teacher thinking and planning.

The course explores common problems pupils experience in producing writing information texts. The course provides advice on different sentence level techniques that might be developed in different year groups. It provides thinking prompts to help teachers consider how texts within a genre can become increasingly sophisticated. The course is aimed at teachers and educations working with pupils aged 5 to 12. The course is designed with British teachers in mind, but will be helpful to teachers working around the world.

The course includes : Video tutorials, downloadable guides, reference materials and some useful classroom materials.

Video showing a sample of the course content

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Printable booklets, download or view online. Each booklet is between 15 and 25 pages in length - to give you some idea of the depth of advice and guidance provided. These make a great reference tool and are useful for prompting discussion about writing information texts.

Video tutorials aid with knowledge transfer and help deepen understanding of the issues. These can be watched individually or via a projector with phase teams.

To help colleagues understand the standards required, there are annotated exemplification materials and assessed pieces of work.

And examples from real pupils.

Whilst it is not possible to provide all the resources you need for teaching - there is a wealth of ideas, suggestions and resources contained in within the course.

And for every phase there is advice about sentence level progression.

Your Instructor

Victoria Crane
Victoria Crane

Vicky has over 20 years of teaching and leadership experience. She currently works as a consultant and trainer in the UK supporting primary school teachers and leaders. She delivers face-to-face courses, bespoke support in school and online courses with teachable. The extension to online courses means that more teachers and leaders can benefit from her expertise and experience. "Vicky is a fantastic trainer - very inspirational and knowledgeable." "Exceeded expectation and excited to share with school staff." "Useful resources and excellent activities that I have been able to use in twilight training sessions in school. Really enjoyed the training. Vicky is a generous and engaging course leader." "Great illustrations of how to really embed learning." Vicky understands how busy teachers are and designs courses that are very practical. She also understands the demands of being a leader and ensures courses enable best practice to be shared in school.

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Course Curriculum

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The materials are self-paced and therefore the course can start and finish in a time frame to suit your needs. There is no time limit to accessing the course. You can revisit sections and access materials at anytime. The course will be available for as long as it is hosted (a minimum of 1 year - although we expect to continue to for several years!).
How long do I have access to the course?
After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for at least 1 year (hopefully, many years)- across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us with information regarding your purchase and we will seek to resolve the issue or provide a refund.
How many people can access the course?
When you purchase the course, up to 10 colleagues from YOUR SCHOOL will be able to create individual usernames and passwords. If you would like additional colleagues from your school to access the course, these can be purchased at a small cost for each person. Please email [email protected] to arrange for additional logins. Please note that colleagues need to be able to use a school email address to be part of the online course. The login details can not be shared across schools. Instead, the school will need to make their own purchase. If you are part of an academy chain and wish to provide access to a larger number or teachers across more schools then please get in touch for a quote. It is also possible to customise a course (additional charge) to make it personal to your school / group of schools.
How do I get the most impact from completing the course?
* Watch all the video clips, read all the materials, consider carefully the resources that are provided. * Select elements to watch / discuss together - e.g. display the video on a classroom screen, print the booklets for group discussion and planning. * Use resources such as post it notes, flipchart paper, marker pens - to group plan. * Work with colleagues to utilise the training when planning schemes of work related to writing information texts. * Invest in nonfiction texts for pupils to read. * Invest in additional resources as necessary, e.g. talking tins, talking albums. * Think carefully about what pupils already know and understand - use the course to build on from starting points. * Consider how outcomes will improve over time - to start with you may need to access resources from a lower phase to fill gaps. * Unpick examples of pupil work from your school. * Senior leaders / English leader to help guide discussions, evaluate the current position, prioritise next steps, monitor teaching and learning, report back on developments.

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