Letter c group part 1 (c,a,d,g)

Letter c group

Download the video clip and accompanying resources

Part 1 looks at letters c, a, d and g. Part 2 looks at letters s, o, q and f.

Cue cards should be printed and placed on the desk next to the child's book.

c a d g cue cards.pdf

The recommended sequence is to:

  • Watch the modelling
  • Look at the cue card (use the cue card during the writing process)
  • Write 5-8 formations
  • Circle the best
  • Think about targets for improving that letter
  • Repeat the above steps with a new letter from the c shaped family

Practice the part 1 c letter formations over a number of days - at least 15 minutes every day for the week.

Pupils will need feedback - shape, size, formation, pencil pressure, lead in, sitting on the line, pencil grip

Week 2, repeat the part 1 c letter formations and add in writing short words containing these letters.

letter c group part 1.pdf
More practice c shapes.pdf
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