Introduction to Metacognition

Introduction to Metacognition

Please wait for the video file to download. The video is 30 minutes in duration. However, you should allocate approximately 1 hour to complete this section of the course due to activities contained within the video. You will need a pen/paper and a pack of playing cards. If you can not obtain a pack of playing cards, you can download and print a card file that can be found below the video.

You may also wish to print the workbook that accompanies the video (see below).

Workbook for introductory video.pdf

You need a pack of playing cards for the activities in the video. If you do not have access to any cards, you can print 8 random playing cards (and cut up) using the file below.

8 cards.pdf

Below is a transcript of the introductory video.

Introduction to metacognition tanscript.pdf
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