Overview posters for teachers and pupils

Overview Posters : for teachers and pupils

As well as a concept model of the theory, I have produced a set of classroom and teacher action guides to help harness the power of metacognition. Graphical summaries can be useful in considering how complex theories can be broken down into chunks. The chunks can then be further divided into practical classroom actions. The two documents below are A3 size and can be viewed on screen or downloaded and printed. They are a useful resource to sit and discuss with other colleagues. You might consider, for example, if you could improve one element, which do you think would make the biggest difference to the pupils in your class? Which ones do you think are easiest to implement? Which do you think are most relevant to the year group you teach? If you wanted to develop a particular aspect of metacognition, where would you start?

The resources can help you to think about what aspects of the online course to focus on.

metacognition A3 sheet version 3.pdf
metacognition A3 sheet ideas for development.pdf


Try testing each other on the content of the A3 sheets. Alternatively, try to explain the content to a colleague and look back to see which points you remembered / which ones you missed. Consider - what are the benefits of breaking a larger concept into key components? Which parts would you rate as being most closely associated with how you currently teach? Which elements are not a regular part of your practice? Which elements could be improved? Which elements are you most interested in and would like to know more about? Which elements do you think would have the largest impact on pupils in your class if they were developed further?

Practical ways of developing metacognition in the classroom.pdf
Metacognition poster A.pdf
Metacognition poster.pdf
Metacognition poster powerpoint.pdf
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